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ARCHES Program

Our international response teams accompany Ukrainian communities through their urban planning and sustainable design challenges while training them for future self-sufficiency

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The ARCHES Program deploys global response teams to assist Ukrainian communities in urban planning and design, aiding in their post-disaster recovery efforts. This initiative also offers real-world case studies for training local professionals in current best practices, empowering them to lead their nation's reconstruction independently.

* “architecture” is used here in the holistic sense of planning, design and construction of settlements

Real Estate, and
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How ARCHES advances Ukraine's reconstruction


Equips both public and private sector Ukrainian professionals with the tools, skills, and frameworks to boost their quality standards and harmonize them with international best practices


Co-creates with local residents innovative concepts related to best global practices in urbanism and sustainability, thereby inviting them to optimize and reimagine their communities as they rebuild

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Directly assists Ukrainian communities as they develop custom solutions to the real-world reconstruction issues they are facing

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Boosts understanding of reconstruction costs with the use of AI powered damage assessment tools, helping Ukrainians more transparently estimate rebuilding costs when they request funding or initiate redevelopment.

Data-driven, community-led solutions

ARCHES response teams take care to ensure their work is supported by data, led by local residents of the communities they serve, and respects Ukraine's unique culture, history, and environmental needs.

Mykolaiv: ARCHES' Launchpad

ARCHES is designed to rapidly scale throughout Ukraine as the country begins to rebuild, but the Mykolaiv region will serve as the program's first area of focus.

Mykolaiv, located in southern Ukraine, sustained heavy damage throughout the war due to intense shelling, ground force attacks, and indirect fallout from the Nova Kakhovka dam collapse.

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Program Plan

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Project Selection & Team Recruitment

International and local teams are recruited based on the settlements to be assisted.

Orientation & Project Kickoff

International teams are briefed on target communities, as well as Ukraine-specific considerations. Local teams are prepared for training.

Existing Conditions Study, Charrettes & Project Report

Work is carried out, analyzing each environment and determining—together with the local community—the best way forward for each urban planning and design challenge.

Online Training & Follow Up

The charrettes are converted into online training that can be accessed by any Ukrainian. International teams check in with local teams to ensure recommendations are being carried out.

Program Manager


Neo-Eco Ukraine is the local partner for French multinational circular economy company Neo-Eco. Originally focused on bringing revolutionary processes that transform waste and building debris into materials for re-use, Neo-Eco has since expanded to support wider reconstruction efforts that include AI-powered damage analysis for entire oblasts, macroeconomic analysis, and the ARCHES program.


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